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Temat: Muzyka Roswell TV vs. DVD
...41) Baby, It’s You Psapp – “Always In My Head” DVD Timestamp: minute 0—2 Scene: Max and Tess wake up in observatory, then arrive at Valenti home. Kyle sees them kiss (TV song is Mazzy Star – “Fade Into You”) Episode 2.19 (episode 41) Baby, It’s You The 88 – “All the Same” Scene: school hallway – Michael and Max look at yearbook picture Isabel changed to an alien, as Isabel and Kyle watch (TV song is The Soft Boys – “I Wanna Destroy You”) The 88 – “All the Same” also plays in Monsters, as Maria waits on “Queen Amidala” Episode 2.19 (episode 41) Baby, It’s You Evan Olson – “Don’t Run Away DVD Timestamp: 06:46 Scene: school hallway – Max and Tess talk, Michael comes and leaves; Max takes Tess’ hand; they walk past Michael, Isabel, Kyle; scene changes to stadium, as Isabel and Kyle talk (TV...